January Update

Happy New Year, Franklin Families! Here is what we’ve been up to in Elementary Specials in the year 2018!

Art Update:

5th Grade – Japanese Tea & Sushi Trays glazed

4th Grade – Neon Peace Rocks (to be part of our blacklight installation for the end of the year Art & Multicultural Show)

3rd Grade – Book Art Poetry

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1st Grade – Chilly Winter Penguins


Kindergarten – Melty The Snowman


Media Update:

jan media update

Centers – Researching, “What will your class name the most influential event in history?”

jan robot 2   jan-robots.jpg
Centers – Building a virtual path for our Dash robot.



December Update

Greetings, Franklin Families!

When we look back at the year 2017 we can’t help but remember all of the learning, challenges and fun that was had. The Elementary Specials team would like to thank our school, families and students for all of the holiday cheer, support and well wishes that we received. Your thoughts, enthusiasm and excitement are truly a blessing. As we begin the 2018 school year we would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Here are a few highlights from our last month of 2017:

P.E. – Jingle Jog 2017

Our 2nd annual Jingle Jog was quite a success! There was plenty of jingling, jogging, dancing, walking, talking and prizes! Mr. Young (DJ Young) came out to give his time and talent with good music and entertainment for the 2nd year in a row! The students had a jolly ol’ time and celebrated the season in great form! A special visit from Billy the Marlin and our Marlins representatives made this Jingle Jog extra special with holiday goodies which were met with extra smiles, laughter and holiday cheer.


DJ Young & Billy the Marlin!


Billy saying Hi…Five!


Coach Sasso & some Special Holiday Helpers!

As a friendly reminder, Field Day is quickly approaching! The schedule is as follows with the notice that dates and times are subject to change due to weather, ect.



K & 1st – Art Snow Globes


2nd – Tint Or Shade Ice Cream Cones


3rd – Matisse Mixed Media Fish Bowls


4th – Photography & Printmaking Portraits


5th – Preparing to Glaze Japanese Sushi & Tea Trays



This quarter students have been learning how to greet, introduce themselves and others, exchange basic information about themselves and say goodbye in Spanish.
To show what they’ve learned in class, our second and third grade students created their very own Comic Strip in Spanish! Their work showcased not only what they’ve learned but their creativity and imagination. These are some samples. Enjoy!

Happy New Year from the Elementary Specials Team 2017-2018 !



November Update

Happy Holiday Season, Franklin Families!

We have so much to be thankful for; here is a November update on what we’ve been learning in Elementary Specials classes this past month!


K – Art Hats

Nov K1 nov-k-2.jpg

1 – Colorful Printmaking Candy Machines


2 – Kneaded Eraser & Ink Printmaking

Nov 2nd

3 – Learning About Colors & Mixed Media

Nov 3rd

4 – Colorful Clay Fall Leaves!

Nov 4th

5 – Japanese-Inspired Sushi & Tea Trays

Nov 5th


In P.E. the past few weeks we have been having great fun and extraordinary leg workouts with our scooter play! The students enjoyed chasing each other on scooters, playing “Elves & Reindeers” and “Pioneers & Turkeys”! This activity isolates the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. It also helps the students socially as they have a team to report to and rules to follow.

Our 2nd annual Jingle Jog will be held December 22nd during Elementary Specials. This is an exciting chance for our students to come together by grade levels to celebrate the Holiday Season! We will be celebrating with music and exercise as we walk, jog and run to the sounds of the season!

PE scooters


Please, remember to purchase a composition notebook for Spanish if you have not already done so. Students need the notebook to fully participate in class and there will be a grade conducted for the Spanish Notebook Check soon. Thank you!

October Update

Happy Fall, Franklin Families!

As the weather cools down we are settling into Quarter 2 with lots of new and exciting learning opportunities in our Elementary Specials classes! Here are a few updates:


Hola! This quarter students are going to learn how to recognize and use common greetings and farewells at the appropriate time of day,  when to use the “tú” form versus the “usted” form, how to ask and respond to simple questions about someone’s feelings and identity, and how to introduce themselves and others. They’ll also learn to identify family members and their relationships. Students will learn through songs, games and lesson activities.

maracas dia de los muertos deocations


Happy Fall to all! We have been working on Fall/Season-inspired artwork in all classes. Additionally, Square 1 Art is underway! Students should have received their free stickers and art catalog of different items available for purchase. Thank you for supporting the arts and our school! Any orders placed by the deadline will be available by the holidays. =) Here are some examples from each grade level:

K – Art Apples

art apples kindergarten

1 – October Puppets

october puppets 1st grade

2 – Autumn Trees Painting Techniques

fall trees 2nd grade

3 – Fall Symmetry

symmetry 3rd grade

4 – Clay Fall Leaves

clay leaves 4th grade

5 – Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls



Scholastic Book Fair was an amazing turnout.  Thank you so much to our Franklin families for their support and enthusiasm for the Wild West evening. barn

From Pirate Ship to Barn, the Scholastic Book Fair at Franklin is a success!

All Kindergarten students, teachers and administrators gathered on October  19th in the Franklin cafeteria to enjoy a reading of Quackers.  From JumpStart.org, the book is described as, “This year’s Read for the Record book is Quackers, by Liz Wong, a delightful story about a kitten who grows up believing he’s a duck, until the day he meets another kitten.  What follows is a sweet tale about understanding, acceptance, and learning that it’s ok to be whoever you want to be. “


The Story Book Parade was a huge success. From Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Marry Poppins, our students shined as their favorite book characters.  Thank you to our families for their support in cheering on our very famous students.  Our Franklin teachers shined too with story book themed team costumes.

crayons quit

Happy October from all of your Elementary Specials teachers!

We are definitely a ‘Special’ box of crayons!!! =)

specials crayon pic

Sincerely (Left to Right)

Coach Sasso (Red), Mrs. Swann (Green), Mrs. Vallavanti (Blue), Ms. Rosado (Pink), Ms. Rivera (Orange), Ms. Deacon (Purple)

September Update

Greetings, Franklin Families!

What an exciting September it has been so far! We are happy to be back in school after a long hurricane hiatus. We are so glad all are okay as we get back into the swing of things and return to learning! Here are some updates from our Special Area Subjects:

MEDIA: TONIGHT from 6-8 PM is Family Night for our annual Scholastic Book Fair!! Come dressed up in your best Western gear and get ready to round up some books! Students can also purchase books the rest of the week Monday-Thursday from 7:30 AM – 3 PM. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted on Family Night, otherwise Franklin Academy is a no cash school. Please send a check or money order payable to Franklin Academy if students will be purchasing books the rest of the week.Wild-West-Book-Fair-300x256SPANISH: Hola! Each year from September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. To help students learn about the cultures and contributions of people of Hispanic heritage, we will be talking about the different Spanish speaking countries over the next few weeks and doing some fun learning activities in the classroom. Students’ work will be displayed in the cafeteria during our Annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration that will take place on October 18. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Stay tuned!papel-picado-8

ART: We are coming to the conclusion of our first project and art fundraiser of the year: Square 1 Art!! Pictured below are some sneak-peeks of what each grade level is doing as their artist-inspiration project! Students will receive FREE stickers of their artwork and a catalog of products that can be ordered with their artwork printed on them. Orders can be made via card on the Square 1 website or checks sent in with your child to Franklin Academy. The artwork will take some time to arrive to the Square 1 company, where they will scan and print your child’s stickers and then send back to Franklin Academy and distributed. Your child should receive their stickers and catalog at school at the end of October. These make great gifts and should arrive just in time for holidays!

Square 1 K
Kindergarten (Artist Inspiration: Claude Monet)
Square 1 1
1st Grade (Artist Inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh)
Square 1 2
2nd Grade (Artist Inspiration: Henri Rousseau)
Square 1 3
3rd Grade (Artist Inspiration: Georgia O’Keeffe)
Square 1 4
4th Grade (Artist Inspiration Salvador Dali)
Square 1 5
5th Grade (Artist Inspiration Romero Britto)

Wishing you a happy rest of September and Hispanic Heritage month!


The Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines Specials Team