September Update

Greetings, Franklin Families!

What an exciting September it has been so far! We are happy to be back in school after a long hurricane hiatus. We are so glad all are okay as we get back into the swing of things and return to learning! Here are some updates from our Special Area Subjects:

MEDIA: TONIGHT from 6-8 PM is Family Night for our annual Scholastic Book Fair!! Come dressed up in your best Western gear and get ready to round up some books! Students can also purchase books the rest of the week Monday-Thursday from 7:30 AM – 3 PM. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted on Family Night, otherwise Franklin Academy is a no cash school. Please send a check or money order payable to Franklin Academy if students will be purchasing books the rest of the week.Wild-West-Book-Fair-300x256SPANISH: Hola! Each year from September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. To help students learn about the cultures and contributions of people of Hispanic heritage, we will be talking about the different Spanish speaking countries over the next few weeks and doing some fun learning activities in the classroom. Students’ work will be displayed in the cafeteria during our Annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration that will take place on October 18. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Stay tuned!papel-picado-8

ART: We are coming to the conclusion of our first project and art fundraiser of the year: Square 1 Art!! Pictured below are some sneak-peeks of what each grade level is doing as their artist-inspiration project! Students will receive FREE stickers of their artwork and a catalog of products that can be ordered with their artwork printed on them. Orders can be made via card on the Square 1 website or checks sent in with your child to Franklin Academy. The artwork will take some time to arrive to the Square 1 company, where they will scan and print your child’s stickers and then send back to Franklin Academy and distributed. Your child should receive their stickers and catalog at school at the end of October. These make great gifts and should arrive just in time for holidays!

Square 1 K
Kindergarten (Artist Inspiration: Claude Monet)
Square 1 1
1st Grade (Artist Inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh)
Square 1 2
2nd Grade (Artist Inspiration: Henri Rousseau)
Square 1 3
3rd Grade (Artist Inspiration: Georgia O’Keeffe)
Square 1 4
4th Grade (Artist Inspiration Salvador Dali)
Square 1 5
5th Grade (Artist Inspiration Romero Britto)

Wishing you a happy rest of September and Hispanic Heritage month!


The Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines Specials Team




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