December Update

Greetings, Franklin Families!

When we look back at the year 2017 we can’t help but remember all of the learning, challenges and fun that was had. The Elementary Specials team would like to thank our school, families and students for all of the holiday cheer, support and well wishes that we received. Your thoughts, enthusiasm and excitement are truly a blessing. As we begin the 2018 school year we would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Here are a few highlights from our last month of 2017:

P.E. – Jingle Jog 2017

Our 2nd annual Jingle Jog was quite a success! There was plenty of jingling, jogging, dancing, walking, talking and prizes! Mr. Young (DJ Young) came out to give his time and talent with good music and entertainment for the 2nd year in a row! The students had a jolly ol’ time and celebrated the season in great form! A special visit from Billy the Marlin and our Marlins representatives made this Jingle Jog extra special with holiday goodies which were met with extra smiles, laughter and holiday cheer.


DJ Young & Billy the Marlin!


Billy saying Hi…Five!


Coach Sasso & some Special Holiday Helpers!

As a friendly reminder, Field Day is quickly approaching! The schedule is as follows with the notice that dates and times are subject to change due to weather, ect.



K & 1st – Art Snow Globes


2nd – Tint Or Shade Ice Cream Cones


3rd – Matisse Mixed Media Fish Bowls


4th – Photography & Printmaking Portraits


5th – Preparing to Glaze Japanese Sushi & Tea Trays



This quarter students have been learning how to greet, introduce themselves and others, exchange basic information about themselves and say goodbye in Spanish.
To show what they’ve learned in class, our second and third grade students created their very own Comic Strip in Spanish! Their work showcased not only what they’ve learned but their creativity and imagination. These are some samples. Enjoy!

Happy New Year from the Elementary Specials Team 2017-2018 !




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