November Update

Happy Holiday Season, Franklin Families!

We have so much to be thankful for; here is a November update on what we’ve been learning in Elementary Specials classes this past month!


K – Art Hats

Nov K1 nov-k-2.jpg

1 – Colorful Printmaking Candy Machines


2 – Kneaded Eraser & Ink Printmaking

Nov 2nd

3 – Learning About Colors & Mixed Media

Nov 3rd

4 – Colorful Clay Fall Leaves!

Nov 4th

5 – Japanese-Inspired Sushi & Tea Trays

Nov 5th


In P.E. the past few weeks we have been having great fun and extraordinary leg workouts with our scooter play! The students enjoyed chasing each other on scooters, playing “Elves & Reindeers” and “Pioneers & Turkeys”! This activity isolates the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. It also helps the students socially as they have a team to report to and rules to follow.

Our 2nd annual Jingle Jog will be held December 22nd during Elementary Specials. This is an exciting chance for our students to come together by grade levels to celebrate the Holiday Season! We will be celebrating with music and exercise as we walk, jog and run to the sounds of the season!

PE scooters


Please, remember to purchase a composition notebook for Spanish if you have not already done so. Students need the notebook to fully participate in class and there will be a grade conducted for the Spanish Notebook Check soon. Thank you!


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